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How To Update A WordPress Theme (Automation Vs. Manual Installation) – WP Buffs (2)

The default user and group of your PHP and Web Server software is www-data. After test and research on Internet in many times, I realised it’s the owner of the PHP process, not the web server software processes like Apache, Nginx, … The IP is sending a request to my web server trying to probe it to see if my server is running a proxy server.

While getting started with your WordPress, keep a clear plan of the things that you’d like to feature on your web project. This may include using things like Google Analytics in WordPress for visitor tracking. This is often due to conflicts with other plugins or incompatibilities with the theme you’re using.

This means that with access to the dashboard and sufficient permission anyone can edit your themes or plugins. At this stage, speed up wordpress site you should have two folders: plugins-disabled and plugins. If WordPress does not have the necessary permissions to modify the filesystem directly, you will be prompted to enter your FTP user account information. You can add a privacy policy page in WordPress by simply creating a new page and naming it Privacy Policy so that your users will immediately know what this page is about.

  1. Click “Configure FTP Client” to see the credentials
  2. From the WordPress dashboard, expand the iThemes Security menu
  3. Save the file and exit your text editor
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When you enable debugging in WordPress, WordPress will start displaying error messages that it would hide in a production environment. WordPress is an excellent content management system with lots of amazing features. This eliminates duplicate content issues. Once they have access to the admin panel along with the right user permission, they can install a rogue theme or plugin. Even when your Admin Panel is compromised, hackers cannot install a rogue plugin unless they have your FTP credentials.